7 Seas Aquarium

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Experience Marine Life Up Close

Lazy River Boat Rides

Cruise beside an array of ocean creatures including sharks, stingrays, fish, and other species. View, feed, and interact with these without having to travel to an ocean.

Bring a change of dry clothes – this is a splash of an experience!

Touch Pools

From horseshoe crabs, urchins, and starfish, this unique educational exhibit gives all ages an intimate experience with saltwater marine life.

Feed the turtles and giant catfish in our freshwater exhibit.

Shark & Stingray Interactive

For ages 10 and up, hold a nurse shark or stingray in a safe and controlled environment while learning about their behavior and natural habitats.

Feed the Fish

Every exhibit includes feeding the fish! Collect your fish food at the entrance.

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*Restricted to ages 10 and up

Passes are expandable up to 7 members.