Press Release – February 27, 2020

Official Statement from 7 Seas Regarding Future Plans

We are extremely appreciative of the Temple Community and the excitement surrounding the forthcoming opening of our aquarium at the Temple Mall. Rest assured that all who have purchased passes to the aquarium will have their chance to see all the great sea life that is on the way. The delay in opening we are experiencing is a matter of construction hiccups, and nothing more, despite what may be reported by local broadcast outlets and on social media.


As we undertake this project, we recognize it is ambitious, unique, and first of its kind in Temple. Bringing a world class aquarium to a town for the first time has challenges. While we at 7 Seas are experienced in bringing amazing aquarium experiences to fans across the globe, bringing them into a mall space requires some additional work with local building officials. Your local officials are working hard to apply International Plumbing Code to a unique project. And we are working hard to comply, so that this amazing and unique experience comes to Temple. An aquarium like this has never been operated before in Temple, and new things sometimes take a bit longer than expected. We promise it will be worth the wait!

In order to bring this project to fruition as soon as possible we have hired a construction expediter to help us break through any delays and get our aquariums ready for your first visit. We believe that adding someone to our team with experience in rapidly navigating construction and safety regulations will lead to a better-quality experience for our guests without any further delay.


As a show of appreciation for the community and especially those sea-life fans who have purchased passes in advance of the opening will have their passes honored for TWO FULL YEARS from the date of our opening. That is a full additional year as a token of our appreciation for your continuing support and patience. Although the Early Bird passes did not fix a date for opening, we had hoped to be open before now and understand that Early Bird purchasers did as well.


As we navigate these final hurdles we commit to keeping you informed of our progress on social media and on our website so you can see our aquarium grow right before your eyes. This includes an updated opening date as soon as feel we can accurately predict when that will be!

Again, thank you Temple for all your support, patience, and most of all trust that we will deliver this first of its kind experience to your community!