Press Release – January 31, 2020

7 Seas Aquarium is delighted to announce the following updates to our opening at the Temple Mall.

The original unit we had planned to use at the mall in Phase 1 of our opening was too small to accommodate the requirements of Temple City Permitting.  Therefore, with the great help of the Temple Mall management and staff, we were able to transition to the larger space in the mall formerly occupied by Dillard’s.   

While this and other issues have delayed our opening, we have the assurance of support from the Temple City Permitting Dept. to get approval for the planned minor modifications required to use the larger space.  The good news is that with the extra space we can now expand the size of our aquarium to our originally desired plans.

This will mean room for birthday parties, private parties, events, even private study spaces for quiet solitude while viewing fish and other creatures undisturbed.  It also means MORE EXHIBITS, MORE ANIMALS AND MORE FUN AND EDUCATION for our members and guests.  It is very exciting for us to be able to have plenty of space to give the best possible experience to everyone.

It also means that we will be opening in phases.

  • Phase 1: While we have been delayed, we have been pushing very hard to open.  And in order to satisfy our growing membership and their faithful support, we want to open some of our exhibits as soon as possible.  We will open the initial exhibits including our River Predator tank and Shark Interactive Experience and touch tanks in Phase 1.  All members who have signed up before Valentine’s Day will get to come in 1 day before the doors are opened to the general public (as membership has its privileges). 
  • Phase 2: In phase 2, we plan to open the Lazy River, Ocean Predator Observation Tank, gift shop, and much more.

As a further token of our appreciation for our members’ patience with our new opening schedule, all memberships that were purchased before Valentine’s Day will be converted to a 2 year pass.  After Valentine’s Day, all 1 Year memberships will be just for 1 year.  And if you think you are sad about the delays to our opening, we assure you that the Amazonian Monster catfishes and Monster Ocean Stingrays that are ready to feed from your hands are very impatient to see their new huge home in Temple Mall.  They have been waiting in our supplier’s holding facility for some time.

They are just a few of the magnificent creatures that await you in the coming months.  Please, check our website for updates and news about the various species that we have acquired and are still acquiring for your new aquarium in Temple, Texas.  Please, consider our website as the primary source for opening dates and times.  Coordinating the opening of exhibits of live animals is very difficult and taxing.

We thank the great people of Temple, Texas and surrounding areas for their support and interest.

We look forward to seeing you at 7 Seas Aquarium in Temple Mall on February 24, 2020.